Easy treks around Ooty

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Ooty may not be as ostentatious or flashy as some of the hill stations in northern India, but its quiet serene charm is a big lure for soul-searchers. If you are looking for a place where nature is at its virgin best, then you can truly bank on Ooty tourism. Though there are a myriad number of places to visit in Ooty, the Nilgiris deserve a special mention. Nilgiris Mountains are breathtakingly beautiful and also pamper tourists with a plethora of trekking sites.

Hiking and trekking are much enjoyed sports in this part of the country. Most trekking sites have a salubrious climate and friendly terrains. So, even those who do not have any prior experience can easily indulge into this sport without any worry or risk. Furthermore, Nilgiris also boast of some challenging sites where even the pros can have a rollicking time.

Some easy and interesting treks around Ooty are:

  • Kotagiri
  • Coonoor
  • Udhagamandalam

These sites are homes to some exuberant natural plants and forests, trees and animals. Nature lovers will get a good taste of flora & fauna while they hike, camp or trek. Some of these places are also inhabited by tribal communities. Thus, tourists get a great insight into the local culture of the place. Discovering the largely undiscovered sites of Ooty can be a true bliss to the heart. Meanwhile, the sites are also dotted with hamlets and quiet villages. There are alluring lakes where you can take a sip of the nature’s nectar. And the presence of rhododendrons is always a welcome relief to the eye.

Parson’s Peak is another destination which is famous amongst the trekkers. To reach this peak which is located at a fairly impressive height, you need to trek from popular points like the Parson’s Valley. On the way, you would come across the village of Porthimund which works as a wonderful stopover! Ooty tourism packages provide you good facilities for overnight stays, and you can always check into the local inns and tents. Your journey shall also take you towards the famed Mukurthi National Park which is home to a large number of animals and birds including the big cats. At Mukurthi, you can also choose lodging in bungalows.

The trekking route meanders through many interesting places like the Pandar Hills and Pykara Falls. All these sites are stupendous and should feature in your list of top places to visit in Ooty.

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Easy treks around Ooty

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This article was published on 2013/03/13